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The Hamsa Resort - Relax, unwind and let yourself breathe at The HamsaPrint this page

Carefree, relaxation and enjoyment

The Hamsa is a new health & relaxation resort in Bali with a full service concept. Dedicated to your wellbeing and rest, featuring our Ayurvedic Spa, two swimming pools and our Organic Restaurant all within a spectacular natural arena. And, when you stay with us, in any of our attractive accommodation, we offer sunrise and sunset yoga classes included in our price. We provide four styles of accommodation; choose from our selection of Private Cottages, Cottage Rooms, Studio Apartments and Luxury Villas.


Rest, health and fun

We believe in the Power of Balance. That’s why we offer you a choice. You can create your own menu of rest, health and fun, all served with traditional Balinese hospitality! At The Hamsa you can choose from complete ashram-style tranquility, improving your health with a full detox stay or you can simply rest by the pool, enjoying the sun, with a drink and a good book. We offer you the chance to find your own perfect vacation.

Made with love...

The Hamsa was created with lots of love and enthusiasm. We chose the location especially because of the serene atmosphere that this area naturally offers, the pleasant mountain climate and the breathtaking view of the Bali Sea. We furnished the cottages with all natural materials, such as bamboo and wood and we placed them amidst a tropical garden which we laid out with attention and care. Our self-contained luxury studio apartments offer you the same tropical garden experience, with an enhanced style of comfort.

What's in a name?

Even in our name we have put time and careful attention. We wanted to encompass the whole feeling of our resort and think that we succeeded! ‘Hamsa’ is a Sanskrit word used in Hinduism as a meditation mantra. It stands for the question ‘Who am I?’. Continuous repetition of the word changes it into ‘Soham’, providing the answer: ‘I am That’. Hamsa also means ‘white swan’. The white swan represents purity, perfect union and balance. The flight of the Hamsa symbolizes a flight away from the hectic routine of daily life and the chance to return to oneself.
On behalf of The Hamsa I invite you to take a flight to our resort, come and join us to discover your purity, perfect union and most of all, your balance.

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Direct link: www.balipages.biz/the-hamsa
Location: Jalan Air Terjun Sing Sing, Sing Sing waterfalls, Cempaga / Buleleng (Bali)   Map
We speak: English, Dutch, German, Indonesian
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