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7 day Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat  by MettaMind


Dates: every year in April, September and October.

Special Dutch weeks in 11, 22 September and 3 October 2013

A MettaMind retreat is a great place to relax, to refresh and to reconnect with yourself. The retreats are set up by the Dutch organization MettaMind, so if you want you can be around some Dutchies and use you're mother tongue for a week. You're staying in a luxury villa on the South West coast of Bali, only ten minutes walking distance from a beautiful quite beach. You'll spend you're days with yoga and mindfulness meditations and inspiring talks about the background and philosophy of yoga and mindfulness. A great opportunity to have some quality time for yourself and to discover what yoga and mindfulness can make your life even more healthy and happy.

During the retreat you are fully taken care of by a wonderful staff and a sympathetic warm teacher. There is nothing you have to worry about. No decisions need to be taken. There is only enjoying the beautiful nature, the yoga, the meditation and the company.

You are served wonderful Balinese vegetarian meals and you can get simple and easy to adjust dietary advice which tell you what food are best for your type. And off course there is enough time for you to go to the beach, to relax at the pool with a good book, or to go for a nice walk in the beautiful Balinese surroundings.

Classes are spoken in Dutch. English lessons possible on request.

Experience with yoga and mindfulness is not necessary.

What do you get?
- 7 days/6 nights in a beautiful spacious and luxury villa
- 10 1½ hour yoga classes
- 11 1 hour mindfulness sessions
- 3 vegetarian meals a day
- all day fruit, coffee and tea
- one Balinese massage
- one excursion
- transfer from Denpasar Airport (or from any other location nearby Denpasar)  

Cost are only EUR 888,- . No additional costs to be expected!

MettaMind originates from The Netherlands and is specialized in happiness by a peaceful mind, a healthy body and a well-balanced life, and uses the tools Yoga and Mindfulness and Ayurveda food principles. diet. In The Netherlands MettaMind provides mindfulness trainings and organizes every year 6 popular yoga and mindfulness retreats in Bali. Always in April and in September and October. This time for the 5th year.  

Go for more detailed information on dates and program to our website or have a look at the MettaMind's facebook page for great pictures.

Phone: +31621511410E-mail: Contact us by e-mailWeb: Visit our Website
Direct link: www.balipages.biz/mettamindSkype: wienva
Location: Near the beach, Balian / Tabanan (Bali)   Map
We speak: English, Dutch
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