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Welcome to Pondok Pisces... a place where you can get away from the hype and hassles of the usual Bali tourist areas and experience the charm and beauty of the 'real Bali'.

Pondok Pisces is a simple friendly, relaxed place...more like a home away from home than a big tourist resort. Tropical style accommodation and consists of traditional thatched roof bungalows set in lush tropical gardens. Natural materials including coconut wood poles, riverstones, slate, bamboo and woven rattan walls all add to the charm and character of the buildings.

Situated in the small village of Banjar Pengasahan at Lalanglinggah, we are directly adjacent to popular Balian Surfing Beach, one of Bali's most consistent surf breaks.
Don't expect walled compounds, boom gates and 5 star luxury here. What you can expect is just about the friendliest service possible from some of the friendliest people in the world; luxurious tropical style accommodation in flower filled gardens (no rows of concrete boxes); and delicious, freshly cooked Indonesian and Western food from our restaurant Tom's Garden Café.
And... best of all, all rooms are just a short 100 metres stroll from the beach.

Pondok Pisces Bungalows is one of the old accommodation in Balian Beach establish on the year 2000, starting as a small surfer accommodation. And now, we offer two different types of accommodations.

Pondok Pisces

One is our beach side resort, it has five accommodations from simple 2 person rooms and bungalows to a spacious Beach House, tropical style bungalows full of colour all set in lush tropical gardens overlooking the ocean at Balian Beach.
 Positioned directly opposite the beach, the complex is a short 100 metre stroll from the surf. The rooms are private with their own private access.
 Our delightful restaurant Tom's Garden Café is also situated in the same location.

Balian Riverside Sanctuary

 Just minutes walking from Pondok Pisces Bungalows and also 100 metres from the beach, but situated beside the sacred Balian River we have another resort. This small boutique resort has a much more secluded peaceful atmosphere and has teak trees plantation. Luxury traditional style accommodation also surrounding with beautiful lush tropical garden.
 Here we have two luxurious 3 level villas, one medium cozy family bungalow and two romantic bungalow. Also our our natural stone pool facing the beautiful Balian river available for all guests to cool and relax in.

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Location: Banjar Pengasahan, Lalanglinggah - Selemadeg Barat, Balian / Tabanan (Bali)   Map
We speak: English, Indonesian
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