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Sun holiday on Bali “the island of Gods”

Relax in one of the Bali resorts. The Lovina beach villa’s in Northern Bali are situated in the different villages extending from Lovina to Lokapaksa with fantastic hinterland of rice fields (sawa’s), mountains and vineyards. From the private villas in North Bali you may enjoy the beautiful waterfalls, sandy beaches, the beautiful mountainous surroundings, tropical temperatures, the many monuments, delicious cuisine and the Balinese culture.
The Bali holiday villas in the Lovina area are all almost directly at the sea with direct access to the beach from your private garden.

Bali villa’s and service.

The accommodations, bungalows, cottages and villas, are located on private land only, where tranquillity and privacy are complemented by luxury and excellent service. During your vacation in Bali our staff is 6 days a week available to make sure that you lack nothing at all. Besides the household duties such as cleaning, washing and ironing, cooking your meals can also be arranged. You can buy the groceries by yourself or the staff can take care. In consultation with the staff you may decide what meals should be cooked and with this also your budget can be monitored. All groceries you need are available on the local market or in supermarkets like Carrefour or Hardy’s. The gardener will, beside to his garden, take care of your private pool in your villa and assure that the water is in top condition, while at night you can sleep peacefully under the watchful eye of the security. In short, the beach of North Bali villas have everything you need for a successful holiday.

Service Bali Bungalow Rent

We offer you excellent service and can be of help to make your holiday wishes come true as we are living for some time in Bali and know already many ins and outs. We not only take care of your accommodation but we also act as the help desk and e.g. arrange on request your transportation from the airport to the Denpasar hotels and villas in North Bali and vice versa.

Lovina restaurants and transport

In the centre of Lovina, you will find a variety of restaurants. We can’t argue about taste so it’s up to you to make a choice of Italian, Indonesian, Chinese, Thai and other cuisines.
Some restaurants offer a free transportation service or you can make use of the many car rentals with driver who Lovina are rich, or meet the very cheap public Bemo transport what will be a travel experience.

Communication with home

Many tourists find rest and relaxation in the villas but still like to keep in touch with there home. For this, all villas are equipped with Wi-Fi which is free of charge or is available against a small fee. This allows you to surf on the Internet, Skype or email. With a local SIM card in your phone you are able, easily and cheap, to contact with those at home.

It is now up to you to make a selection from the range of our stylish Bali villas.

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